Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zulily Launch Party

A celebration for the upcoming online partnership of the newest Squeaks & Beeps and Zulily featuring the latest Delicious Summer collection starting July 19th - 21st. On July 19th @ Big Day Boutique from 5 - 8pm, Squeaks & Beeps will be hosting a celebration of our online Zulily sale with drinks, h'ordeurves and more! During the festivities a fashion show of the featured collection will begin at 7pm. So, come celebrate with us and as a special thanks for being a loyal customer over the past 7 years, we’ll be running unbelievable sales on all Squeaks & Beeps merchandise during the Zulily sale dates!

5 - 8pm - Drinks, Food & more!
7pm - Delicious Summer Fashion Show

Hope to see you there!!