Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pick, Patch, Play, Repeat

It’s becoming that time of year again. Besides those renegade 70 degree days, I’m afraid the
cold air is beginning to settle in Kansas City. I have resisted as long as I could but it is time to dig out the long sleeves and abandoned blue jeans and put the shorts and sundresses away….at least for a little

As I’m plowing through the piles of clothes that I hung on to- “just in case they still fit”, I realize
two things.

Number 1: Despite not eating their veggies, my kids have grown!

Number 2: My kids play hard no matter what season it is!

I sort into piles of, “what can stay”, and “what has to go.” However there are a few items that
haven’t yet seen their nine lives! Some are too short, too stretched, or too faded for one more season,
but too hole-y or stained? This I can fix!

What was once considered a school picture worthy outfit will now have a new home in the play
clothes drawer. I will make these flaws go incognito, and I’ll show you how to do the same. Below is a
tutorial on how to send your kids back to the playground in style. It will be our little secret!

Step 1: Pick your garment

Step 2: Assemble your patch materials- scrap fabric, scissors, needle, coordinating or contrasting
thread, iron-on adhesive (Heat and Bond) for medium weight fabrics, iron, shape templates

Step 3: Trace your appliqué.  Get creative and use old cookie cutters, your child's drawing or print one of our free appliqué templates....coming soon!

Step 4:  Using a dry iron on cotton setting, iron traced appliqué to the wrong side of your fabric (rough side of Heat and Bond facing the wrong side of fabric) for just 2-4 seconds.

Step 5:  Cut out.

Step 6:  Peel off backing and place on garment you wish to appliqué.

Step 7:  If you iron over a silk screen, make sure to use a press cloth or scrap fabric over the top to protect your iron.  Iron for 10 seconds to glue to garment.

Step 8:  Sew or not to sew!  Its up to you!  If you used the Heat and Bond Ultrahold you an skip this step and go straight to embellishments!  Next, use a straight stitch on your sewing machine or pull out your embroidery thread and sew around your design.  

Step 9:  Embellish embellish embellish!!!  Get creative, use pom poms and string garland with a needle tread and embroidery floss.  Rosette trim can be your best friend!  You can use along the bottom of pant legs, as the trim across the top of a stocking or center of a flower.  Use lace to trim the bottom of pant legs.  You may also use to add an inch to the bottom of the pants your daughter out grew!

Step 10:  Send us pictures of your projects!!!  We hope you have as much fun as we do with our little ones!  Allow your child to chose his/her own fabric for his/her own appliqué!  Get them involved!  Most of all......have fun!